Introduction. Through The Fear Blog

This is my official first post to this new blog that I decided to create “”

The reason I chose this name was because fear has become the #1 issue in my life. I’ve realized that fear has had control of my life even through childhood, through my teen years and even now it’s just become one of the biggest battles that I have yet to face completely.

Though I feel alone, I know I’m not because there are others out there like me.

We are living in a fear driven society. The media, weather, war, politics, religion, discrimination, all play a role in instilling fear into our world. Not only those external fears, but we also deal with the internal fears: what people think about us, what they say about us, what people will do in the future and how to guard ourselves… Worry is a direct result of fear, fear is a direct manifestation of the mind and how we perceive things. I believe social media, texting…etc all play a role in this because sometimes we are so connected that we become disconnected with our reality. Text messaging gets misunderstood because no emotions are behind them. Our mind becomes the real enemy in these cases. How we think plays a significant role in how we deal with the problems that come up and/or the problems that aren’t even there.

I am only writing this out of experience, these are things that I already know but I still fall victim to the thoughts. I end up thinking “well, what if this time you’re right?”…

I created this blog because I know that, for me, writing can be an outlet and something that I just love to do. Being able to take these thoughts and fears and put them on paper is my self-administered therapy. It’s as if, writing these all down allows myself a way to cleanse my mind. Also, I know I am not alone and that others experience what I feel. By putting the words out there for others to see, I can connect with other people who have the same issues I do. The world is so rough on us and if we don’t know how to handle what life throws at us then we fall victim to it’s devices.

Failure is not an option, but it will be forced if we don’t change the way we think. I know I have a long road, but I also know that I am making an effort to change.


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