Motivation Monday: Make Your Bed

A video surfaced of a speech done at the University of Texas in Austin by Naval Admiral William H McRaven who described a means to change the world.

It starts by “Making Your Bed”.

He goes on to say:

“If you make your bed every morning, you would have accomplished the first task of the day… This would then encourage you to do another task, then another and another.”

He suggests that at the end of the day, that one task done in the morning would have turned into many other tasks completed as a direct result of the first.

Admiral McRaven also goes on to say that it “represents the little things that matter. If we can’t accomplish the smallest of tasks, how are we going to complete the bigger things?”

So I wanted to test this theory out.

I recently moved into my own apartment for the first time. This was a huge accomplishment for me. Something that was my own. Somewhere I can call home and to be my own person. This was not without its difficulties. Less money to spend, I don’t have the option to take off as much as I did before, also the emotional side of it. The depression and anxiety made the joyous occasion not as bright as I feel it should, but I think I am better than I use to be. I am confident in getting a lot better as the months go on.

I wanted to put this theory to the test. I took a week. There have been days that I have made my bed and days that I didn’t.

The days I made my bed:

  • I was able to complete my routines.
  • I felt happier.
  • My job performance increased.
  • I felt more positive

The days where I left my bed without making it:

  • I felt like I left my house dirty.
  • I felt less motivated to do anything.
  • My anxiety levels were higher.
  • I felt discouraged all day.
  • I had a more negative outlook.

Clearly there was a difference on the days where I made the bed and the days where I didn’t.

What I wasn’t understanding was why? Why is the bed so significant? Then I realized something within myself. It’s not about the bed being made. It has nothing to do with the bed, or the act of making it. It was the state of mind.

Making my bed allows me to set my brain in a better mode of thinking. “Something I did right”. It sets the tone of the day.

Whatever you do in the morning, you may have a routine, or you may like to sleep in and rush to work. If either of those make you happy, then do it with your whole heart. Just don’t forget the fact that, if you complete a task in the morning, you will set your mind into the mode of success.

Happy Monday!

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